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Information about the company's vision, mission, values, competitive advantage and structure.

Introducing New Company Logo

The fusion of two digital giants that strengthen Indonesia’s digital development and brings the country to the future.​

Vision & Mission

Become the most preferred digital telco of Indonesia

Deliver world class digital experiences, connecting and empowering every Indonesian

Company Value


A company that genuinely cares and makes daring choices to create a better world


A company that puts inspiration at the center of its powerful leadership

Better Together

A company that breaks down boundaries and brings people together

Competitive Advantage


Leverage on the scale, financial strength, and complementary infrastructure to create cost and CAPEX synergies that drives more ambitious investment with higher return


Leverage on the combined spectrum to create a better network quality, wider coverage, and faster data speed to deliver an outstanding customer experience


Leverage on the broader product offering to appeal to more customers across Indonesia, building on the combined customer base


Has the ability to bring the best professionals to work together in a nurturing environment that fosters growth


Has the ability to attract more strategic partners across industries to drive collaborations that create more business opportunities and accelerate Indonesia’s digital transformation

Company Structure


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